Telling Stories, Gretchen Wohlgemuth

Welcome to the Inside Story Gallery


Art can only be fully appreciated in person, in the context of the space in which it resides. The Inside Story Gallery was conceived to bridge the gap between finding original art and bringing it into your home and living with it. My goal is to make finding original and unique artwork that will transform your space an enjoyable process. 

You can see the composition and colors of each piece on this site, but not the textures, the subtlety of color, the brushwork, or the nuances that make an original work of art so different from mass produced images. Select what interests you, and get in touch. I'll work to understand your taste, both in the images you respond to and the decor you have chosen for your home. Then, I can assist with determining if a painting is the right size, color, mood, and style. In most cases, you can live with the art in your home - in context - before you decide to purchase it. We can build a room around art, or we can help a painting fit seamlessly into your existing decor. Always I advise from both a decorator’s practical point of view and an art lover’s passion. 

Afternoon Pathway, Lenny Moskowitz

A painting can be a quick stab of delight, a provocation; a quiet, deep meditation; an unexpected color that changes everything: it is the antidote to cookie-cutter blandness. It’s a new window into the world we see every day, an invitation to discovery. When the right painting finds the right room, the result is magical. I’ve been an interior decorator for over eighteen years and an art lover forever: I’m convinced that original art adds more to a room than any other element.

Here’s how the Inside Story Gallery works: I have chosen several artists whose work delights and inspires every time I look at it. A representative selection of paintings from each artist is featured here. There are many more to choose from, however, including the possibility of custom pieces. 

Essex Salt Marsh, John Lo Presti

Decide which pieces you are most drawn to, and then send photos of the room in which the art would be placed. If you live in a two hour radius of Hartford, CT,  I will bring any work that interests you, as well as a few others I think would work with your space and your taste. Together we will determine the best possibilities. Then live with the art in your home to determine if it’s right for you.  

Once you have decided what art you can’t live without, I can help you integrate it into the room to make the most of both your space and the art. Often, just a small change in a wall coloring or the introduction of a new accessory or two can make a big difference in how the space feels, and how the art fits into it. 

In a world full of slick images and generic style, art has the power to make your home into an authentic and individual expression of who you are. It also brings a sense of delight that increases over time, as you look at beloved pieces with an ever deepening appreciation. Just as good design makes your home comfortable and functional, original art makes it more joyful and alive. 

Please enjoy looking through The Inside Story Gallery.


Kathy Hayes

The Inside Story LLC