John J Ford

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Artist Statement

Born, raised and having lived most of my life in northern Connecticut, I have been blessed by open spaces –- trees, fields, hills, ponds and lakes and night skies, and many old houses and barns. New England has changing seasons, which means changing colors and changes in light. I love to look at the woods or the sky and take it all in; my eye is my camera.

I am inspired by nature.  My initial response is remembered by location. Yet while painting, the brush marks presented lead me into a reaction to that initial memory.  

The process of painting for me is a combination of many different feelings such as focusing on the process of painting, moving from mixing color on my palette to my canvas and watching those colors blend together in various tones to create mood emotion and express light.

About the Artist

John J. Ford painted for more than 40 years and taught painting and drawing for almost as long.  He earned his B.F.A and B.S. degrees from Syracuse University, and a graduate degree in painting from New Paltz College. His work has been represented in various galleries and collections throughout New England as well as in the United States, France, Ireland, and Luxembourg.  Locally, his work has appeared in the West Hartford Art League, Gallery on the Green, Maple and Main Gallery, Bushnell Auditorium Promenade, Paesaggio Gallery, Pearl Street Gallery, and Renbrook School. 

John J. Ford's work ranges in price from $500 to $4000.